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Good Shepherd Sports offers several levels of Baseball.

7-8 Instructional, (9-10) In- house & Travel teams. (11-12) In-house and Travel teams. Ages 13-16 Travel ONLY.

Baseball is instructional at all Levels.

(7-8) division: the Boys/girls will be taught the basics of the game (batting stance, proper throwing technique, fielding and rules).  At this level of play,  the boys/girls are encouraged to explore all positions on the field.Games could be any day of the week (including week-ends). We do try and get the tentative schedule out in earlyApril.  Schedules are subject to change (weather, parish events, etc…)

In-house: (9-10, 11-12) Baseball is ideal for the Boy/Girl who loves to play the game or is just learning the game. Players pitch to each other.  The Coach can field up to 10 players (4 outfielders) in any given inning.  The players learn from each other.  There is no bunting, stealing, leads or advancement on pass balls.  Games are generally played 2 evenings during the week, Mon-Fri with a start time of 6 p.m. and have a time limit maximum of 1 hr 50 minutes playing time, along with 1 weekend game.   Make-up games (ex: rain outs) are scheduled according to available field times. We play along with other leagues ex. Kings Bay, Gerritsen Beach, Mary Queen of Heaven, Bergen Beach,  to name a few.

Travel: Baseball is highly competitive.  MLB Rules apply.  Bunting, stealing and the advancement on pass balls are all allowed, drop 3rd strike will be played.  There is no guarantee of playing time, as there is in (“In-House”) ball.  Boys/Girls playing Travel MUST play on a In-house team. All players will be required to tryout for the team and be rated. Games are held 1 night during the week and Saturday and Sunday.  There also may be double-headers.  Make-up games (ex: rain outs) are scheduled according to available field times.